CONTEST ON “The Non Reluctant Reader”!!!!!!!!

You should enter!!!!!!!!!


I’M BACK!!!!!!!

I’ve been busy but I think I’m doing well!!!!!!I’m going to post more!!!

S.O.S., help, save me!!!! PLEASE!!!

Do you know an origami Yoda that seems more detailed than the one in the back of the book????? My 1st grade friends that I mentioned in my last post are growing tired of the same Yodas and I went to make a simple, yet detailed one!!! Please help!!!

Leave me alone I’m folding!!!!!!

Things are hard when you try to juggle school, friends, orintation, homework, chores, folding Yodas for the small fan club on my bus that consists mostly of 1st graders, and on top of all that the 1000 Yodas challenge!!!!!! But I REFUSE to back down!!!!!!!! So no matter what keep on folding!!!!!!!!

Hello fellow folders!!!!!!!

Welcome to my blog! My name is Remi Poindexter. I hope you like it and I just want to thank anyone who came to it!!!!!! I am taking on the challenge of folding 1000 paper Yodas in a year!!! I know I can do it if i try really hard!!!! So by coming here you can check up on my progress and I can up date the website!!!! By coming here you are actully cheering me on………so I guess this is the grand opening!!!! Enjoy!!!!